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PPSSPP Gold – PSP Android emulator

Enjoy the masterpieces of the legendary portable console directly on your smartphone or tablet with this PSP Android Emulator.

Play your favorite PSP games with the most popular Android emulator. Have fun with a classic game such as Soul Calibur, GTA, Wipeout, Final Fantasy, Tekken and more. You can get HD resolution and extra power. PPSSPP GOLD can run the games at their original speed, however, it also depends on your device’s specs and performance.

You must convert the PSP game into .ISO or .CSO files, find them on the web or experiment homebrew games. If you want to save some space store them on your SD card and good luck playing usual PSP games on Android devices.

PPSSPP Gold options include buffer rendering and non-buffer rendering, read framebuffer to memory CPU or GPU, FPS limiter, alternative speed, postprocessing shaders, stretch to display, mipmapping, rendering resolution, vsync, hardware transform, software skinning, vertex cache, low quality spline / bezier curves (speed up), texture scaling, anisotropic filtering, texture filer, fast memory (unstable), multithread (experimental), I/O on Thread, change clock and a few more improvements like timer hack, disabling alpha tests, always in depth write and coord speedhacks.

All you need to do is to select one game/image file and play through this PSP Android Emulator. The games you play will later feature in the Recent tab. You also can choose the display mode of the game, showing up as icons or list.

Download on Google Play – Mirror 1

Download PPSSPP APK – Mirror 2

Download PPSSPP v1.7.1 – here

Download PPSSPP v1.6.3 – here

Download PPSSPP v1.5.4 – here

Download PPSSPP v1.4.2 – here

Download PPSSPP for Windows – here




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